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Quality company with friendly and very capable staff. We had several trees trimmed and three trees completely removed. Great job and the clean up was also very good.

Robert W.Pickerington, OH

I hired Prairie Creek to remove small trees and limb up my blue spruce.The owner was very courteous and on time. He gave me a good quote and stuck to his word. Nice young man with an exceptional crew. Will hire them again.

Denise P.Columbus, OH

Very good experience with Prairie Creek Tree and Landscaping. My previous experience with Tree and Landscaping companies involved a lot of phone tag. Prairie Creek was quick to return communication with me and was very easy to work with.

Brent S.Columbus, OH

Jonathon was a pleasure to talk with and he certainly made me comfortable with the work decisions we made. The work was done quickly and the price was as quoted. I would certainly recommend him and use him in the future.

Elizabeth D.London, OH

Common Questions About Columbus Ohio Stump Removal

One of the great things about owning a home with your own land in or around the city of Columbus in Ohio is the chance to have trees around your home. This can provide shade, shelter for attractive wildlife, and even absorb some moisture and humidity. Unfortunately, there are times these trees fall or have to be taken down, leaving a stump needing removal. Keep reading to learn common questions about stump removal in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

1) Can’t I just do it myself? The answer is possibly, but the honest answer is ‘partially.’ There are a number of methods that a do-it-yourself homeowner can use to reduce the overall size of the stump, but getting rid of the whole thing is quite a formidable task. The number of total tactics you would have to use plus the time and energy involved make this a sizeable personal investment. That’s not to say you should just give up and call a Columbus Ohio stump removal specialist, but if you really do want the entire thing gone, both above ground and below, you are choosing a rather big task. Many homeowners settle for using two or three DIY tactics to reduce as much of the stump as they can, and then replant around it as much as possible to cover up the rest.

2) I have a stump straddling a property line; whose responsibility is it to remove the stump? Pardon the pun, but this question stumps many people. The ideal situation is to have a cordial relationship with the neighbor in question and working something out that both of you can live with. If there are questions about legal rights and responsibilities, it really comes down to local and state laws regarding such matters, so you might have to consult an attorney to find out for sure. Also be sure to check homeowner’s association by-laws that might apply to the situation.

3) Can a stump be left to just rot over time? Some homeowners assume that since fallen branches and even trunks rot over time, that a stump might do the same and not need removal. This is rarely true. A dead root system can prevent other plants from growing over the now barren area, and an exposed stump can prove a welcoming abode to insects, bugs, rodents, and other critters you don’t want on your land, including some nasty buggers carrying diseases. In truth, a stump left exposed to the elements is likely only to harden and grow resistant to the very natural forces you would hope destroy or wear it down for you.

4) Could I just wait until Columbus Ohio stump removal is cheaper? If you call around for prices for stump removal in the Columbus area, you might find that they are a little more expensive than you would want. In many outdoor-related service areas, there are prime seasons and offseasons, and so your gut might tell you that you could just wait on the stump removal until related businesses are not as busy and might do it cheaper. This gamble might work, except that if the stump winds up hardening from the weather, it might get harder to take it out and that can actually drive the stump removal price up instead of down.

Now that you know common questions around Columbus Ohio stump removal, you can think ahead about how to handle future stumps you might wind up with on your property or around your home. Use these considerations to figure out if you or a neighbor is responsible for the removal or if you share accountability. Also think about if you should tackle it yourself or call in a professional.

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