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5 Reasons Why People Call For Columbus Ohio Tree Service

Having trees in the yard of your Columbus, Ohio home is a wonderful touch to your property. You can have shade to rest under during the long summer days. Birds have a place to call home and their presence can keep certain pests in your yard under control. Yet, for all their glory and advantages, do you know when to care for them? It’s easy to see when the grass needs mowed and flowers watered, but just when should you call for tree service? Keep reading to learn 5 such situations.

1) Call in for Columbus Ohio tree service after major storms hit. This can be heavy thunderstorms, days of seemingly gently but endless rain, or winter storms involving heavy snow or ice. While these kinds of storms tend to knock down and kill the weakest trees, they can be quite damaging to even the trees that stay standing. You might need trimming of dead, hurt, or weakened limbs, and you might just discover that some of the still-standing trees need to be taken down themselves in order to avoid risk to property and people in the future.


2) Have someone come out and look over your property any time you have a tree that is getting too close to your home. It can take years for trees to grow so tall and wide that they might make physical contact with a home, but if they do, they are not going to be respectful of your home’s boundaries and stop growing. You might need certain limbs trimmed, and certain trees might even need to be removed. Also be wary of root systems that might grow into your basement or start cracking your home’s foundation.

3) Get a tree professional out when you need to get to the root of issues. As mentioned in the previous point, tree roots can sometimes present a problem to the foundations of homes. However, that’s not the only thing they can mess up. Underground utilities can get interrupted by tree roots. Drops in water pressure or dirty water are sometimes the first indication, as pipes get hit easier than other utilities, but you can also lose your telephone, Internet, or power, and some of those utilities getting messed up can prove dangerous if they are exposed above ground. Sidewalks and driveways can also be turned into dangerous tripping hazards.

4) Get a Columbus Ohio tree service professional out to your property early in the spring. This particular visit should be primarily an inspection of your trees to see how healthy and strong they are. Have a specialist look over the roots, trunks, branches, and budding leaves for signs of winter damage or disease. Some trees start dying in the cold season, but not fully, so they might be partly dead in the roots or lower trunk. It’s better to see signs of death or illness early in the growing season, as trees can be safely removed in advanced, or sometimes even treated and outright saved.

5) Have someone visit in the late fall or early winter. This is the time for most species of tree to be pruned, as the exposed wounds will not be exposed to the diseases and pests more prevalent in warmer weather. Doing this annually can keep the trees you have in your yard stronger and healthier than pretty much any other tactic or habit.

When you are faced with any of these 5 situations, call around to find a Columbus Ohio tree service that can come help you out with anything.


Quality company with friendly and very capable staff. We had several trees trimmed and three trees completely removed. Great job and the clean up was also very good.

Robert W.Pickerington, OH

I hired Prairie Creek to remove small trees and limb up my blue spruce.The owner was very courteous and on time. He gave me a good quote and stuck to his word. Nice young man with an exceptional crew. Will hire them again.

Denise P.Columbus, OH

Very good experience with Prairie Creek Tree and Landscaping. My previous experience with Tree and Landscaping companies involved a lot of phone tag. Prairie Creek was quick to return communication with me and was very easy to work with.

Brent S.Columbus, OH

Jonathon was a pleasure to talk with and he certainly made me comfortable with the work decisions we made. The work was done quickly and the price was as quoted. I would certainly recommend him and use him in the future.

Elizabeth D.London, OH

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